Post Care for Neurotoxins

post care

We encourage you to contract the muscles that were injected for 1 hour after injection. No vigorous rubbing or massaging to the injected area.

Encourage no exercise for 24 hours after. Remain in the right position for at least 4 hours after injections.

Avoid facials or massages for 48 hours after.

Results: can be seen as early as 24 hours. Full results can be expected 14 days after injection. On average the results can last 3-4 months

Post Treatment for Filler

  • No makeup for 24 hours to that area
  • No rubbing or massaging area
  • No exercise 24 hours after
  • Lip filler ice pack on and for 20 minutes for the first 24-48 hours, keep lips hydrated and clean with aquaphor
  • allergies to milk protein (Dysport)
  • allergies to human albumin

Results immediately and lasts 6-24 months depending on product used. Swelling decreases and common for 72 hours

Side effects, risks & complications - discomfort, redness, swelling, bruising or discoloration can occur. We encourage follow up in 2 weeks to make enhancements if needed. Serious complications include vascular occlusion, vascular compression, granulomas, or biofilm formation and can be noted if blanching (White hue) or extreme pain noted. In these circumstances notify us immediately and a solution can be given to dissolve the filler.