Appointment policy

In order to give you a flawless experience we give each patient an appropriate amount of time. If we believe there is not adequate time to deliver excellent treatment we may reschedule for a time that allows us to do so.

Respecting other clients' time as well as ours, please be courteous to call if running late. If later than 10 mins your appointment may be rescheduled so other clients or providers time is respected

$50 deposit is required to book any service and agree to the cancellation policy .To deliver the best services please inform us 24 hours in advance of cancelling appointments. Any cancellations less than 24 hours notice will be subject to losing their deposit fee of $50.00.

2 or more no shows will be discharged from the practice.


Refunds for unused services will not be rendered, but the cash value for the service will always be accepted and can be used for other services.

All injectables are final sales.

The provider will do a thorough assessment before developing a treatment plan. All treatment plans depend on the patient muscles and how much they use their muscles. If you are not getting the desired results a follow-up appointment may be required. We recommend a follow up appointment two weeks after your initial appointment for any enhancements. Those enhancements are not included with initial payment and required additional payment.

Additional guest

This time is for the clients to be relaxed, refreshed, and for the provider to concentrate on safety; therefore no children will be allowed.